In recent years, there has been increasing use of fibre optic networks on the rail network, because these ensure good connections between stations. In addition, there are strategically placed network connections for commercial purposes. Because rail traffic is increasing, the demand for data across the entire network is increasing too. For example, Wi-Fi at stations, security cameras, data traffic in shops at stations, signalling, and travellers making use of the Internet and mobile telephones. Complete networks, which combine telecom (fibre optic) and electricity, are being installed on various platforms. In addition, efforts are underway to make internet access available on all trains.


Because interruptions to the rail service often cause a great deal of annoyance, quality of materials is of the utmost importance. These need to meet high standards. Much of the material used is controlled with fibre optics. In response to demand from the market, we have developed various specialist components for use by the rail sector.


Not all businesses may carry out work in the railway environment. Only businesses that meet all the safety criteria and certification requirements are permitted to work in the rail environment. Infra Systems Nederland is compliant with these demanding conditions, thus we are regularly commissioned to carry out such projects. We can justifiably claim to have earned our stripes in respect of this sector. Something of which we are very proud!

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