Contrary to what many people think, POF has been around for more than 30 years. POF was originally used in the automotive industry.
POF stands for Polymer Optical Fibre. Polymer is a type of plastic that is less fragile when compared to glass optical fibre. 
Glass optical fibre has proven itself in the current market as a fast, stable and reliable network. The advantages that glass optical fibre offers also apply to POF.


  • No need to install empty cable conduits
  • Integrated in the electrical lines
  • Savings on the inside network
  • Up to 80% more energy efficient
  • Flexible installation
  • Integrated
  • Wide-range Wi-Fi network
  • Combination of Wi-Fi and connection (2-in-1)
  • Future-proof
  • Impervious to interference
  • Savings on raw materials
  • Green living
  • Easy to upgrade
  • 100% compatible with current network products

Where once we were forced to stop due to a lack of empty cable conduits, POF now allows us to run a cable through the existing electrical installation.
This way, virtually every nook of a house is accessible for a network connection/wireless connection (Wi-Fi).
Of course, POF can also be run through an existing empty cable conduit.

Infra Systems Nederland works exclusively with A-quality components, and thus also the POF cable. The type of POF cable with which Infra Systems Nederland works is suitable for a future speed of 1 terabyte.
In that way, you are guaranteed a future-proof network.


The telecom sector is offering increasingly higher Internet speeds that provide us with triple play services. We also include Internet, TV and telephone among these services.
These speeds come in up to the meter cabinet, but are often inadequately distributed. This results in low speeds, spotty service, poor Wi-Fi network coverage and poor picture quality.
This can be caused by:

  • Cheap UTP
  • Wi-Fi amplifiers
  • Poor connectors
  • No empty cable conduit
  • Poor quality router
  • Power line adapters not working
  • Poorly configured network
  • Etc.


POF is a connection that is fast, reliable and future-proof.
It is relatively easy for the installer to install a POF cable along with the existing electrical cable, making it possible to establish a wired connection. 
Of course, POF can also be installed through existing empty conduits. That means a connection can be established practically anywhere in the house.
POF cable offers a higher bandwidth for the future as compared to UTP cable. In this way, you are sure to be ready for future developments, such as 8K television, multiview applications, interactive services, virtual reality and other applications.



Most homes in the Netherlands do not come with empty conduits as standard features. This can be because the home dates from a time in which this simply was not the standard, or the owner of the newly constructed home did not choose for this option.
This means that POF can open up a whole new world, since it can be installed through the same conduit as the electricity – while complying with all safety regulations (NEN1010).
The POF cable is routed along the existing electrical network to the floor where a connection is wanted, where it can then be connected to an existing outlet.
This can be both surface-mounted and flush-mounted.
This POF cable supplies a data connection point, Wi-Fi point or a combination of the two.


No more cables running along the stairs, powerline adapters that don’t work and Wi-Fi that goes down – but a stable, reliable and fast network connection that offers a guarantee for the future.
Monuments are subject to regulations that prohibit drilling, nailing cables along plinths and affixing cable conduits.
These types of projects are the first in history to provide for a wide-range network that takes into account all monumental aspects.
In the case of a monumental building, we recommend that you schedule an advisory meeting with Infra Systems Nederland or one of the Infra Systems Nederland-certified partners as an advisory party.


POF can open up a whole new world for the client, since it can be installed through the same conduit as the electricity – while complying with all safety regulations (NEN1010).
This can offer tremendous benefits, considering that a POF network is not dependent on the use of empty conduits. An average single-family home is delivered with five empty conduits that must be paid for by the buyer. In addition, these are conduits through which the network must still be installed and this cannot include a Wi-Fi network.


The first method of installation relates to a new-build project in which the electrical network is not yet installed
This can offer a major benefit, considering that you are not paying for duplicate work for installing cables and empty conduits.
The electrical and POF cable are installed together through the conduit to the desired distribution box.
From this distribution box, we extend the POF cable to the desired wall outlet where we can attach the POF connection to the switching device that you have selected.
With this method of working, we provide savings on expenses for the indoor network, apart from the energy-saving properties that POF offers in use.
The second method of installation is a newly constructed home in which the electrical network is already installed and empty cable conduits are (not) installed. Of course, in addition to being installed along the electrical network, POF can also be installed through a cable conduit.
Depending on where the cable conduits end, Infra Systems Nederland or one of the Infra Systems Nederland-certified partners can offer advice on installing connection points and Wi-Fi points.


Simply put: every wall socket in the house could be a network connection.
That means that we can install a WLAN Access point anywhere in the house for a full range Wi-Fi network.
Infra Systems Nederland or one of the Infra Systems Nederland-certified partners are happy to help you prepare a strategic plan in which the WLAN Access points are distributed so that we can establish full Wi-Fi coverage. We can also tackle a single space in or around the home.


By means of a flexible and strategically installed POF network, you are guaranteed years of carefree living – spotty connections are a thing of the past.
WLAN Access points can be installed where wireless connectivity is most needed. So, choose POF for a fast, stable data backbone!
Of course, we will handle the configuration of the access point for you, just the way you want it!
Whether the access point must be set to roaming or with specific settings, we will take care of it for you.


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