A PLAYER at the highest level

After over twenty years, our name is known in the market and we operate at the highest level. As far back as 1989, our management team was involved in the instalment of the first fibre optic connections for the Dutch market, as well as development of the first underground cable housing for (the then) PTT Telecom. Since then, we have become known for our innovative concepts and revolutionary product development. We are an important player in the field of passive fibre optic components. From system and product supply, to product development and consultancy for installation of fibre optic networks. ISN specialises in 5 disciplines: Fibre to the Home connections (FTTH), highways, rail, shipping and industry.


ISN has always been the “odd man out” from the start. You might call us stubborn, or to put it another way: we possess a unique insight. We make clear choices and opt for products in which we believe. That enables us to continue delivering the quality that clients expect of us. And we are proud of that! At ISN, quality comes before quantity. Even at the cost of diminished growth. We have a reputation to maintain and that is a task we take very seriously. Fortunately, our clients know that. It is for good reason that we often work with regular partners for years. Clients know what they can expect from us. That is what you call trust: the foundation for every relationship. Clients know they can always approach us. The customer comes first – even after business hours and on weekends. The show must go on and we pull out all the stops to make sure it does. It’s in our blood. We are passionate about what we do, and above all, we want to deliver a high standard of work.


Structure is evident throughout all layers of the business. It is a priority for us, logically: because if the warehouse is chaotic, how on earth can you ever deliver to deadline, or preferably, ahead of schedule? The warehouse is highly organised and in tiptop condition. Our service vehicles, fitted with professional equipment, are ready for quick deployment. Everything is geared towards our objective: prompt service and satisfied clients. That is what drives us!


Every relationship into which ISN enters is based on trust, honesty and respect. That includes our relationships with employees, suppliers, manufacturers and clients. Based on the principle that ‘we want the best for everyone’, we always strive to build long-term relationships. We have short, quick lines of communication. A simple phone call is all it takes. That is the way we like it. Clear. Transparent. To the point. Clients know what they can expect of us and that makes for productive relationships.


At ISN, we apply the credo that ‘the customer comes first’ quite literally. In fact, we enjoy creating an element of surprise for our clients. Often, a client will place an order. The next day, the client calls to find out when delivery is due, only to find that the products ordered have already been delivered! Now that is what we call first-class service!
To deliver that level of service, we select our manufacturers and suppliers with great care. We collaborate with partners that have the same mind-set and who enjoy going the extra mile.


We take a no nonsense approach: we say what we mean and mean what we say. It is simple: what we say about ourselves is exactly the same as what our clients say about us. Our reputation is watertight. We sometimes compare ourselves to a chameleon. We understand the language of the shop floor just as well as boardroom jargon. We can operate within any discipline and feel completely at home. How? We know our business and we can articulate it in any language. No nonsense.

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