The need for communication networks for the road network has only increased over the years. ISN has been engaged as a partner in this work from the start. We provided the network for the emergency roadside telephones via which you can call for assistance when stranded. 
When the road network in the Netherlands was expanded and existing roads were modified and extended, we provided expertise in the area of data traffic. As the road network grew, so did the demand for fibre optics.


You can regularly see ISN working along the highways after dark, because the installation of fibre optic networks often takes place at night. Testing of new components frequently takes place in the landscaped areas beside the roads. Making best use of the tools you have requires improvisation. It’s fun too, because we relish a challenge! Not enough light? Simply switch on the headlights of the vehicle. Then, over a cup of coffee in the same vehicle, we put on our thinking caps to come up with more solutions. Now that is energising. Especially when you achieve a good result. 
Fortunately, we have a super-team that is dedicated to achieving results, so that when daylight comes, everything is operational again. For example: matrix board controls, bridge and traffic management controls and operation of cameras above the road network. Mission accomplished!


From the outset, ISN has been engaged in new product development. Many of these products are still used nowadays. That is incredibly satisfying for us and proves we are on the right track. All our employees have their own stories to tell and have a role to play in our company and our scope of activity. Together, we can achieve anything!

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